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    Online Advertising Fraud Detection Suite… In Real Time!


    With recent media attention focusing heavily on fraud in the online advertising space, the industry is being faced with a challenge. Brands are no longer willing to accept fraudulent traffic as being par for the course. Providers must meet this challenge by cleaning up and providing advertisers with real traffic, generated by real users, who have a real interest in their products and services.


    Fraudlogix is leading this effort by protecting some of the largest online advertisers against the risks associated with purchasing fraudulent traffic. We provide real-time, turnkey solutions for advertisers in the following environments:

    RTB/ Programmatic Buying
    Video Display
    Pay Per Click
    Pay Per Lead / Registration
    Pay Per Sale
    Pay Per Install
    With our pixel based technology touching over 100 million unique devices each month, we’re able to map the latest devices, locations, bots, behaviors and hacking tactics that are being used by cyber criminals today.