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Within Video, Display, Desktop, Mobile and In-App Environments

Bot Fraud

Ad Fraud

Identifies ad fraud within publisher and seller inventory by detecting invalid traffic generated through fraudulent means such as bots, malware, and click farms.

Domain Masking

Domain Masking

Uncovers instances where the partner has masked the true URL in favor of forging another. For example, a seller may declare xyz.com as the domain when in reality the true URL is detected as fakewebsite.com.



Measures the percentage of ad impressions that are in view (or played within a video) on end-users’ devices when ads are served.

Brand Safety

Brand Safety

Notifies when ads are displayed on sites that have unapproved content, such as adult or gambling related content, which can be damaging to a brand's image.

IP Block List

A pre-bid, impression level blocking solution built for the community, by the community!

Separate from our pixel based solution, the IP Block List is the industry’s only real-time, self-updating, centralized list based on live input from the programmatic ecosystem. Updated hourly, the list contains over 4 million IP addresses suspected of generating fake traffic. This list benefits from our monitoring of over 90 billion Pixel Calls, 540 million unique users, 8.2 million websites, 1.2 billion unique devices each month. Protect your clients and partners against bots, automated scripts, non-human traffic, malware, and user-generated fraud.

Affiliate Fraud Solutions

Fraud detection and reporting for mobile app install (CPI) and lead generation (CPL) campaigns. Identify fraudulent app installs and fake leads from affiliate marketing partners.

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Unique Devices

Fraudlogix has been an invaluable partner for us. Their commitment to safeguarding traffic is second to none and their dedication to staying ahead of the pack has been a key element of success in our partnership.

Celine Hassan adknowledge

We evaluated several leading antifraud vendors, and when analyzing their data against our backend metrics, Fraudlogix was the clear winner. We’ve now integrated fully with Fraudlogix and rely on them to guard against fraudulent media. If you want fraud protection that leads to better results – use Fraudlogix.

Nathan Mekuz AcuityAds

Fraudlogix has helped us weed out the bad traffic from the good. The tangible results have been happy, long lasting relationships with our advertisers. Highly recommended.

H. Yardeny Digital Moses


At Fraudlogix, we work with the “wholesalers” of the ad tech industry - the DSPs, Exchanges, SSPs, and Networks that see massive amounts of traffic. We develop custom solutions to fit the unique technical and policy requirements of our clients and partners. We know that every client's platform and environment differs - you’re not a cookie cutter company, so why should you force yourself into a cookie cutter ad verification solution? Contact us today to discuss your specific use case.

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