Impression Fraud Solution


Our Pre-Bid solution allows demand & supply side partners to proactively eliminate fraudulent traffic from the programmatic/RTB ecosystem. In both desktop and mobile environments, demand side partners experience dramatic ROI improvements, while supply side users benefit from stable relationships and increased monetization with the demand side.

Video / Impression / Display
How It Works

Fraudlogix Premium Sites Generate 27x More Conversions

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Performance Guarantee

Increase your core success metrics (conversion rate, bounce rate, time on site, etc…) by a minimum of 30% or your money back. The Fraudlogix guarantee applies to direct advertisers (brands) and is applicable regardless of what other fraud prevention solutions are in use.

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Click Fraud Solution

Real-time click fraud monitoring allows buyers and sellers to identify & block fraudulent clicks before ads are served. Block bots, click farms and human generated click fraud in both desktop and mobile environments. Cut publishers that are participating in fraudulent activities and strengthen relationships with those sending good quality (real) users. Read More...

Fraudlogix Filter Program

Eliminating fake traffic is one thing… finding new sources of good quality traffic is another. Join the Fraudlogix Filter Program and connect with traffic buyers & sellers based on Fraudlogix filtered traffic. Buying good quality traffic just got easier. Learn more...

Combating Click Fraud



Affiliate Fraud Solution

Monitor media partners/publishers and determine which affiliates are participating in fraudulent activities in real-time.

Cost Per Sale
Cost Per Lead & registration

Tackling Affiliate Fraud